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The 1st International Conference on Technological Applications of Materials (ICTAM'24)
Setif1 University

 Ferhat Abbas University, Sétif1 
Faculty of Technology 
Department of Basic Technological Education (BTE)
The 1st International Conference on Technological Applications of Materials (ICTAM'24)
October 30th-31st, 2024, Setif 1 University, Algeria
Department of Basic Education in Technology (BTE), Faculty of Technology in partnership with the  Laboratory: "Growth and Characterization of New Semiconductors" LCCNS, organizes the first International Conference on Materials and their Technological Applications (ICTAM'24), which will be held at Sétif1 University on October 30th-31st, 2024.
The aim of the ICTAM'24 conference, is to provide a platform for scientists and academicians from around the world to promote, share and discuss new issues and developments in the fields of materials sciences and applications.
The “Technological Applications of Materials” conference is dedicated to the latest advances in the field of materials. In this exciting event experts, researchers and academics share ideas and experiences regarding the development of revolutionary and innovative materials as well as their applications in the industrial field. The ICTAM'24 conference will be a place dedicated to the exchange of a maximum of very varied issues, concerning the physical and chemical properties of materials, as well as multi-scale characterizations and numerical modeling between participants from different backgrounds. miscellaneous.
The ICTAM'24 conference will be an opportunity to exchange ideas for technological applications and the challenges to be met in terms of research and innovation.The research areas proposed by the conference will focus on the design, characterization, production and rational management of materials as well as specific application areas. Wilaya of Sétif is located in the northeast of Algeria on the Hautx-Plateaux which separate the Northern Atlas from the Southern Atlas. It has more than 2 million inhabitants, which makes it the second most populated wilaya in Algeria after the capital Algiers.The Wilaya of Sétif is limited to the north by Jijel and Bejaia, to the east Mila, to the south Batna and Msila and to the west Bordj-Bou-Arreridj.The Wilaya of Sétif extends over an area of 6,500 km² divided into 20 Dairas (sub-prefectures) and 60 communes


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